British Hook Up Dating Sites and How to Keep Your Booty Calls Interested

If you are using British hook up dating sites to find booty calls or casual relationships, then there are some important tips to keep in mind for online dating and great sex. It can be difficult to establish casual relationships with women, but when you do, you want to make sure that you can keep your booty calls interested in great sex with you. It can be easy to turn a girl off and this can lead to no more booty calls for you late at night, which is something that every guy wants to avoid. I have been using dating sites to find booty calls for some time, and the most valuable lesson that I have learned is what not to do. There have been many times when I have dropped the ball and ruined my casual relationships. I typically meet women on EstablishedMen, and there are plenty of reasons why I use that site, but if you want to read more about it, check out this Hot Dating Review for more info. I want to spend the majority of this guide talking about how you can ruin your booty calls by making some of the common mistakes that guys make with online dating, and not just about British hook up dating sites.

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Top Turn Offs for Women Who Are Into Booty Calls

1. Getting Way Too Drunk – Although it can be a lot of fun to tear it up with the boys, you shouldn’t expect your booty call to come running over when you are totally loaded up from long night of heavy drinking. Women don’t like it when a guy is out of control drunk, so try and tone it down before you make that booty call.
2. Shameless Grinding in the Club – If your booty call comes to meet you in the club before returning back to the bone zone, chances are that she will not enjoy your shameless grinding on her on the dance floor. Particularly if you are trying to be discreet about your relationship, dancing like a horny teenager is probably going to hurt your chances of getting some when you leave.
3. Rocking a Bluetooth in Your Ear – If your booty call is coming over, get the bluetooth out of your ear. In the first place, you shouldn’t be using a bluetooth ever, but if you do for some strange reason, have some courtesy and take it out before you meet up for great sex. It only makes you look conceited and distracted if you keep it in, and she will likely lose interest quickly.
4. Bad Attitude – If you are lucky enough to have met someone through online dating who is willing to get down on the booty call with you, make sure you keep a good attitude during the events. Nothing is a bigger turn off for anyone than someone who is a total negative nancy. Smile and enjoy, and you will have great sex.
5. Drenched in Axe Body Spray – Just because you have a booty call coming to visit doesn’t mean that you need to drench your body in bad cologne or axe body spray. Just have a shower and wash your body like a normal human. She might even like the way you smell, before you take a cologne bath.
6. Cussing like a Sailor – While it is true that some girls like dirty talk, there is a fine line between a little bit of pillow talk and swearing every second word. Talk to your booty call like a normal person, and try to cut back on using obscene language. Talk to her, not at her with a mouthful of horrible words.
7. Idiot Friends – If you are going to meet up with a booty call, ditch your stupid friends. They are not going to help you get some in any way, and will more than likely ruin any chances of you having a good night. The lame jokes that you might find funny will probably annoy your booty call until she leaves, and besides, how do you plan on getting intimate with 3 other dudes standing around?
8. Stinky Breath – This sort of goes without saying, but who wants to make out with someone who has breath that smells like a rotten tooth. Brush your teeth, or chew some gum before meeting up with someone that you want to make out with. Everyone will appreciate it.

Keep this tips in mind when you are cruising British hook up dating sites, and I can guarantee you will have much more success with your booty calls.