What Do Women Talk About When They Talk About Casual Sex?

What Do Women Talk About When They Talk About Casual Sex?

We all have our ideas about how men talk about sex. Maybe this is the ‘locker room' talk that we have heard of, or maybe it's the idea that men are more vulgar and obscene about recounting their sexual experiences with each other. Regardless of what we think about the way that men talk about sex, it is a much more vague socially constructed idea of what happens behind the closed doors of the women's washroom. We have all seen it before, a group of girls get up together and run off to the washroom at the same time. It is probably safe to assume that they don't actually need to help each other go to the washroom, so we start to wonder what they are talking about. Most guys have no clue about what is actually said at the inner-circle of women during their girl talk. We have our guesses, but we have no certainty when it comes to what they actually say. It could be anything from politics to sexual positions, but without actually being there, the truth about their chit chat is a mystery that is yet to be solved. That is, until now... What Do Women Talk About When They Talk About Casual Sex?

Casual Sex and Girl Talk

I have always been curious about the truth behind girl talk, so I made it my mission to talk to all of my female friends to find out more about the mysterious practice of chatting women. I had always assumed that women didn't really talk about sex too much, and that they were more focused on the emotional aspect of dating. However, I was quite surprised to learn that many women do in fact talk about casual sex, sexual positions, and other ertoic topics. I was even more surprised one of my friends told me that she loves online dating and chatting with other women on sites like LivePrivates. She uses sites like this to explore sexual topics with other women. If you want to find out more about this hot chatting site, and see if LivePrivates is Working? Check out this review for more information. However, I will continue to share my findings for the rest of this blog.

Sexual Positions and Girl Talk

Although women don't talk about sex the same way that guys do, they still talk about sex and sexual positions. Many of my friends told me that women might spends hours chatting about their experiences and favorite sexual activities, however they have the a certain way of speaking about it. Women are less likely to be totally explicit in every detail, but rather they will ask questions and respond in ways that are sensitive to the other women that they are talking with. Of course, there is always one girl who has absolutely filter and will share every dirty detail no matter how much her friends cringe, but typically women will be a little more tactful in their conversations. This doesn't mean that they don't talk about everything, and share whether it was good or bad, or recount some embarrassing moments that happened in the bedroom, it just means that they talk in a way that gauges the reactions of their listeners. This is a way to share details without being overly obscene, but still dish out the important information. It is never totally possible to exactly describe a sexual experience, and women are conscious of this when they share their stories.

Online Dating and Girl Talk

If you are wondering if girls are talking about you behind your back, the answer is yes. Particularly when it comes to online dating and casual sex, it is more than likely that they are sharing information with each other. They will talk about what is good and bad in a relationship, and they will share advice based on their own experiences. If you think you can get away with telling one girl something, and that it won't eventually come back around to another, then you are sorely mistaken. Although not everything will be retold word for word, the overall sentiment of what you are saying or how you are acting is likely to be discussed. If you are acting like a jerk at the dinner table, you can be sure that all of the women will be discussing it the next time they have their moment of girl talk. This means it is a good idea to watch what you say and think about how you are acting. Otherwise, the crowd could turn on you after the next girl talk session.