How to Break your Routine - Tips for Playing it Cool

How to Break your Routine - Tips for Playing it Cool

Sometimes in casual relationships there comes a point where it doesn't seem to be so casual anymore. It is usually around this time that problems start to arise between you and your sexual partner. Either you have become stuck in a routine, you have forgotten to keep up with your seduction tactics, or something has been done to make them jealous and there is now tension in your relationship. One person might be more interested in creating something more serious than the other, and when this is the case, it is important to keep it cool and avoid rushing things. If you express too much interest in your casual relationship, you risk either scaring them away, or putting yourself in a position within a relationship that is more serious than you ever expected or wanted. Even if you are actually interested in a girl, it is a good idea to play it cool, so that you don't ruin things too quickly. Keeping it cool can also help keep her interested in you as someone is always more attractive when it seems like you can't have them. If you want to learn how to break your routine and employ some simple tricks to make it seem like you are not interested, even if you are interested in a girl, then read more below. How to Break your Routine - Tips for Playing it Cool

Don't Text Her if You Are Interested in a Girl

Although it can be tempting, if you don't want to seem too interested, then you should avoid texting the other person in your casual relationship. If you spend all day sending her messages, it is going to send a very clear statement that you are expressly interested in her. Particularly if she is slow to respond to you, or doesn't respond at all, then you should act the same. Sending message after message will come off as desperate, and not many women find desperate attractive. Instead keep it cool, and play the same. In fact, if she sends you a text, it is probably a good idea to wait before responding, or respond with brief and vague answers. This will keep her wondering if you are interested or not, and you will likely start to see her send more and more messages if she is into you. However, you should be careful how you use this as one of your seduction tactics as it could backfire. If you are interested in her, make sure to give her just enough back to keep the conversation going.

If you are Interested in a Girl make them Jealous

One of the best seduction tactics is to make them jealous. There is no clearer way to show a girl that you might not be interested than by flirting with other girls, and there in no better way to see if she is interested in you than if she gets jealous when you start chatting up other women. You don't need to go overboard with this one, but if you are sitting at a table with your potential crush and a few other friends, try talking to the girl sitting beside her, and avoid making eye contact as much as possible. This will drive her nuts, and she will start to make it very clear if she is interested in you or not. Once again, this is one of those seduction tactics that you need to use carefully. Jealousy can bring out terrible qualities in people, and if you flirt too much with another woman, you might find her coming after you as well.

Ignore Everything Outside of Casual Relationships

One important method of not expressing too much interest is by ignoring everything that happens outside of the confines of your casual relationship. This means no conversations about serious things, never expressing a lick of jealousy, avoiding questions about their personal lives, and in general just keeping things focused on a little bit of fun together every now and then. Whether you are interested in her or not, this will help keep your casual relationship as something that is casual. It doesn't take long before a casual relationship starts to change and evolve, so the longer you can resist speaking about ‘heavy' topics and future plans, the longer your relationship will remain casual. Keep things cool, and you will be able to enjoy the benefits of a casual relationship for much longer, without the risk of jumping into something more serious than you want. It is not always easy to do this, but it will make a big difference in the course of your relationships.