4 questions to find out if you should forgive her for infidelity

4 questions to find out if you should forgive her for infidelity

4 questions to find out if you should forgive her for infidelity

She Cheated — Now What?

Gold Coast-Tweed Heads residents face the same risk that all people do, in any part of the world: they can potentially be the victim of infidelity on behalf of their partner. This has been an inescapable fact of life for generations in the past, and it remains the case today. I have certainly been the victim of infidelity before. If you managed to land on this page, chances are that you have been, too. Maybe you're wondering if the woman you're with right now is having an affair behind your back. Maybe you've been musing over that question for a while, and you have finally received confirmation that your woman is cheating on you. If the latter is the case, then you're in a truly sour spot in life. I've been there before, and I certainly didn't enjoy it. However, I've managed to find my way out of it, and so can you. Here are the questions you must ask yourself in order to find out if you should forgive her for infidelity.

Is She any Different from all the Other Cheating Women?

There are two sorts of cheating women out there: the kind who will simply sleep with any attractive man she sees on the street, and the kind who will only cheat once or twice in her life, under very extreme circumstances. If your woman falls into the former category, then there is really no need to give her any more than one chance at a relationship with you. Of course, if you're open to polygamy, then that's a whole other conversation. However, if you're not, and your woman falls under the latter category, it's worth it to give her a second chance, provided you love her enough to do so.

How Many Times Has She Cheated?

How many times has she cheated on you? Was it once? Three times? Ten times?! Find out from her, and of course, keep in mind that she might not be telling you the truth. Personally, I will only forgive a cheater after the first time that I catch them in the act. Any more than that, and the relationship is simply not worth my time.

Is this the First Time She Lied to You?

Ask yourself, is this the first time she lied to you? Of course, everybody tells little white lies, and those should not be considered here. However, if your wife has frequently lied to you about serious matters in the past, and you have now discovered that she is cheating, you need to ask yourself if you want both a liar and a cheater to be your partner in life. I suspect that the answer is no, and I think that it's the right answer.

Do You Love Her?

Of course, this is the big question, and you need to think long and hard on it before you make any sort of decision. Love is the determining factor in any relationship, and it's certainly the determining factor when it comes to whether or not to forgive someone for cheating. If the cheating was a one-time mistake, and you love the girl more than anything, then it might be worth it for the both of you to seek relationship reparation after the incident occurred. Forgiveness is its own reward, remember that.