4 Dating Locations That Will Surprise Your Date

4 Dating Locations That Will Surprise Your Date

4 Dating Locations That Will Surprise Your Date

Choosing a dating location that will impress your date

When it comes to casual encounter sites, men tend to make the mistake of assuming that the date they set themselves up with puts them on a sure-fire path toward getting laid. While it is certainly true that there are certain online encounters that lead straight to first date sex, men must certainly not assume that the sex they get from online hookups is something that is entirely granted to them regardless of how they set up and behave on their date. In fact, it is extremely crucial to make sure that the woman is having an amazing time during an online date, from the setting of the date itself to the conversations that you are having during the date. There is little room for error when it comes to choosing the best dating location that will impress your date, since the setting might be the factor that determines whether or not you end up sleeping with her on the first date.

Trying out different restaurants

Since you've been a bachelor living in your city for a while, you must have a decent list of all the different restaurants that might be appropriate for a first date. With this list in mind, try to determine which is the most optimal restaurant to bring your date based on what you've garnered from your profile and the information that she texted you personally. Does she like grilled chicken and shrimp? Then a nice Greek restaurant might do the job. Or, perhaps she is into lasagna and meatballs? Then a good Italian restaurant may be the perfect setting for your date. Regardless, we leave the personalization up to you. Just keep in mind that the right restaurant choice is one of the most important things you need to cover when planning for your first date with an online hookup.

Planning a romantic date

Bachelors are rewarded when they take the time to plan a nice, romantic date. Just because this encounter was generated from an adult hookup site, does not mean that you will not benefit by adding a little bit of romance into the mix. Look at your date as a queen from a past life that deserves to be given royal treatment. Of course, act only within your means, but make her feel as though she is truly being catered to. After the restaurant, perhaps you can take a nice boat ride along the river bank, while enjoying a bottle of wine. Or, maybe you can take a walk up a secret mountain, and show her a view of the city that she's never seen before. Women love watching romance films or romantic comedies, and they enjoy picturing themselves as the women in those movies, being take care of fully by their Prince Charming. Be that Prince Charming throughout the date, and chances are that she will make sure you are fully satisfied by the end of the date.

Use your mutual interests as a dating guide

View her online dating profile and determine beforehand whether or not you share mutual interests with the online woman you have your eye on. If not, that's fine; we're sure that you can find other things to talk about. If you do have interests in common, however, you'll probably find that there's no shortage of things to talk about with your newfound penpal. Perhaps you're a guitar aficionado, and the woman you're talking to happens to be an acoustic guitar virtuoso, who's been playing spanish guitar since she was three years old. Or, perhaps you're a comic book fanatic, and you meet a woman online who has the entire collection of Batman comic, first edition. The possibilities are really endless. If you do find a woman who shares your interests, don't miss out on the chance to get her attention as soon as she gets yours.

Taking dating to the extreme

It's common for bachelors to want to go a few steps overboard, and take dating to the extreme. While being lazy when it comes to date planning can certainly be detrimental to your one night stand chances, being too obviously over-prepared for a date can have the same effect. Women like to be catered to, but they don't enjoy the idea of being obsessed over. If you actually rented a pumpkin carriage and arranged for it to be pulled by Santa's reindeer, then you might have gone a step or two too far. A simple restaurant reservation and a walk downtown might have sufficed.