3 Places You Should Avoid Taking A First Date Generated From Sex Dating Websites Online

3 Places You Should Avoid Taking A First Date Generated From Sex Dating Websites Online

3 Places You Should Avoid Taking A First Date Generated From Sex Dating Websites Online

Going on a date with someone from an online dating website

Going on a date with someone from an online sex website can seem an arduous task when you're looking at it from the outside. After all, you've never met this person before, and all of your history together consists of dating messages that weren't talking about anything substantial whatsoever. There is really very little foundation for online hookup partners to stand on, so they need to work with everything they have. One of the tools at your disposal as a bachelor is the option to choose a truly optimal first date location in order to allow the interaction between you and your friend to flow smoothly and easily. Use the fact that you can pick your own dating location to your advantage, and stack the odds as highly in your favor as possible.

How your date location can ruin your chances of getting laid

While a good date location can cement your chances of experiencing a one night stand, a bad location can equally ruin those chances. For example, you might be meeting a woman that you have a lot in common with, and both of you might have entered the date with the expectation to go home together, but those ideas could be completely trashed in her mind as soon as she notices that you brought her to McDonald's instead of a nice date restaurant. McDonald's is great, don't get us wrong, but it's no place to bring a new woman you're hoping to have sex. Already, as a man, the odds of getting laid are stacked against your favor; please, don't act like a complete fool by stacking those odds even higher against you.

Don't bring her to a hotel bar

A hotel bar is really the last place you should end up bringing your date. We mean that literally by the way, if you successfully completed your one night stand with her at a hotel, it is totally acceptable to stop by the hotel bar for a final drink before parting ways. That is the exact spot that a hotel bar has on your date. In that spot, the hotel bar is totally acceptable. However, if the hotel bar was the initial setting you thought of for your date, then you need to do some serious mental recalculation, and determine exactly where you went wrong during your thought process. Hotel bars could be loungy, somewhat comfortable places in their own right, but they are essentially waiting areas that people hang out in so they could pass the time. If a first date sounds to you like an amount of time that needs to be passed, by all means take her to a hotel bar and listen to her high heels tick as she walks away. A hotel bar simply does not work as a first date location.

How sport bars can be distracting

You love sports, don't you. We thought you would. In fact, we know that you can't even be around a sports screen without gluing your eyes to the game. With that in mind, why on earth would you bring your first date to a sports bar? Sure, the atmosphere is cool and casual, and it's a decent place to have a conversation in, but how can she get one word out of you when you're spending more time looking up at the TV screen than you are looking into her eyes, Please, just look into her eyes. They are the window into her soul, and they are also your window into getting laid. If you wanted to watch sports, you should have stayed home and ordered pizza. Now, you're on a hot first date with your hot online hookup, so keep your attention on her and avoid the temptation of sports bars altogether.

How going clubbing can prevent you from having a one on one

Clubbing is considered one of the hottest first date locations for people looking to get laid, but in our experience, clubs provide messy first dates. First of all, they are incredibly crowded on a busy night, and they are also so loud that you need to scream into a person's ear in order to properly get the message out. For a first date, it's crucial to have an environment where you can comfortable relay your language-based message at normal volume. If you're hoping to increase your chances for a one on one, then you need to steer clear of clubs, and instead orbit around the bar or lounge scene in your city.